Psycho-educational evaluation and Parental Coaching and support 

0 (16)From our extensive experience with children and families we saw a real lack in the area of parental support and this inspired us to create a multi-faceted system to help keep parents at the center of their childrens’ education and growth. It promotes not only familial counseling and support, but individual and couples support as well, by a psycho-education team highly qualified and accredited in the early childhood sector.

We offer:

  • an onsite Pediatrician, available for appointments and advice;
  • onsite child Psychologist;
  • educational advice;
  • parental coaching;
  • thematic seminars;
  • parent-teachers conferences;
  • help with parent-child relationship growth;
  • creative movement therapy;
  • baby massage;
  • babysitting;
  • postpartum support.