The layout of the school was conceived and designed to support all aspects of education and reinforces the importance of the role that balance and harmony bring to it.

With this concept the area of the school becomes an environment of life and culture where a child can act and move freely throughout the space following their intrisic motivations and without feelings of confinement.

The large windows found throughout the building are designed to further limit the feeling of confinement and allow for maximum transparency and openess of our work.

1400 m2 of indoor and 4000 m2 of outdoor space

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Early Nursery

DSC_3058Early Nursery is a space within the school solely dedicated to infants from 3-12 months of age. This area is located in the quietest part of school and is organized in two parts; one for activities, play and learning which includes a large garden used by early nursery and another area for sleeping and rest.



The nursery school is for children from 12-30 months of age and is divided into sections specifically designed for this age group. The area is split between areas for activities and learning which also include a garden solely for the nursery children’s use and an area for sleeping and rest.

Preschool / Kindergarden


Preschool / Kindergarden is for children from 3 to 5 years old. This area of the school is comprised of classrooms and large indoor and outdoor spaces dedicated to play!

Other spaces: Kitchen – Pediatric Room – Meeting Room – Birthday Room